<VV> Convention

Dennis Pleau dpleau at wavecable.com
Sun Apr 11 22:07:19 EDT 2010

In the last few years CORSA has added the Stock Corvair Group and the
Performance Corvair Group.  These are Special Interest Groups (SIGs) which
along with the Airvairs, Corvanatics, ... all hold their annual meetings at
the convention.  Adding SIGs and shortening the length of the conventions
seem to be in opposition to each other.

I haven't received my Communique yet, so I don't know when the VV meeting


PS.  I was spoiled living in Albuquerque and then Elbert, CO where I got my
Communique on the first or a day before or after.  Now that I live 12 miles
from the end of the original Pony Express, It comes about the 15th.  Maybe
the pony's played out or rust out before they get to Woodland.

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