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"Jason Cesana" <jacesana1 at cox.net> wrote:

OK folks this has gone on long enough with my mouth shut and I can't take it 
anymore.  We, the BOD, can't do everything.  
I fully understand your frustration.  Please understand that it is equally frustrating to constantly hear CORSA telling us, the members, they are in deep financial trouble ... It IS up to the BoD, and the BoD alone, to implement a sound business plan.  It is NOT required that they invent one.  It would be quite simple to borrow / copy one from one of the thousands of successful organizations which currently exist.  
Ken P


Jason Cesana said:  We (mostly Jamie) are at least 
trying to come up with ideas to keep YOUR club alive for the future. We have 
had little to no help from anyone outside the board. 
BoD complaints of lack of help are equally frustrating to the membership.  Individuals that have chosen to run for office should recognize they are assuming the helm of the ship.  They should not be looking to the passengers to do their job.
Ken P


Jason Cesana said:  Except from people 
telling us how much we suck. I have asked in the past for positive ideas 
that we could implement to keep the ship afloat, and have had almost no 
Constructive criticism from well meaning individuals can be a bitter pill.  And there have been an overwhelming load of bitter pills for the BoD to swallow.  All of the suggestions / complaints will be of no avail as long as the BoD does not recognize such posts as membership input ... and ignore the diplomatic ability, or lack there of, of the suggester.
Ken P


Jason Cesana said:  I don't want to go along with what Smitty just said but it is a 
sign at how aggravating the constant negatives can be.
To most of the membership the time for discussion and decision has long passed.  So, again, the frustration is mutual.  Thirty or more years ago, when this discussion started, membership looked to the BoD to make the hard decisions.  Most of the membership would rather hear, and talk, about our vehicles yet, CORSA BoD is still reporting that our organization is in desperate straits.  That is a constant negative which is aggravating members.
Ken P 


Jason Cesana said:  I don't want members 
to just go away but rather join in the effort to start a national membership 
drive. Bad mouthing everyone and everything about CORSA is not going to get 
people to join and it certainly is not a good first impression to new 
members to VV. 
Not all individual members can follow in the footsteps of Pete Koehler ... Most do not even contact the BoD with suggestions.  Those that do often do so out of frustration which tends to cause them to appear to be negative.  It is a little difficult to blame them when one considers the years that have passed without needed changes.
Ken P


Jason Cesana said:  We are all human and we make mistakes but sometimes it seems 
like everyone expects us to be robots and have no feelings and never make a 
judgment error. Just the opinion of one of those lousy Board of Directors.
Jason Cesana
Observation would lead one to see there is a great deal of F.E.A.R. [False evidence appearing real] concerning the need to adopt the 'membership required' format that is the backbone of success to thousands of other similar hobby national organization business plans.  Thirty years ago the BoD lamented it would have been the thing to do back in '69 so they did not act at that time.  CORSA / BoD has made a mistake ... OK, it happens BUT, they have not stepped up to the correction ... Must we, the membership, wait until CORSA fails per their own projections, then join the organization which replaces them?  That, sir, is the ultimate frustration.
Ken P



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