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HATE is a pretty strong word ... Should a Corvair person who takes time to write, even if it is in a complaining manner, be accused of HATE when their words are driven by the frustration of the situation?  Perhaps I am one that is accused of HATE.  Driven by the frustration of CORSAs failure to make the hard decisions and fix the problem I have written many times with many suggestions for more than 30 years, NOT out of hate but because I CARE.
Ken P

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That's the way I see it, it's just 3 or 4 people who are the real "CORSA 
Problems"!  The rest operating together are just fine.

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> I cannot believe that
> so much HATE can fly across the world of Corvair owners
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> It's only 3-4 people out of the 1100  or so  VV  subscribers...
> Like pimples...unsightly and irritating...but go away eventually!
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