<VV> Immortal CORSA (humor)

Mark Corbin airvair at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 19 16:09:36 EDT 2010

As the saying goes, I figure that we were all put on the earth to
accomplish a given number of tasks. At the rate I'm going, I'm going to
live forever.(G)

As for me, I'll be 39 again in a couple of weeks. Hey, if Jack Benny can be
39 for 41 years, so can I!


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> And I third Jacks, Matts, and Bobs comments. I'm really enjoying my
Corvair hobby (again) and plan on being at all the nationals from here on
out and I make it to as many of my local (375 miles 1 way) chapter events
as I can- weather permitting. Not wanting to start an argument here, I am
amazed at the anger about paying an additional ten bucks per annum to
belong to CORSA. Why have so few people in our society not made plans on
being older? 
> Timothy Shortle (also on a "fixed" income) in Durango Colorado
> Corsa member '79-'90 and '05 til the end
> Turning 50 in Cedar Rapids in June
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> >It's a  40 plus year old car. A lot of us are getting older, and sure we 
> >do not  want to let things go. But in the end, we enjoy these cars, and 
> >the  fellowship that they provide. And that's what it is all about. Quit 
> >trying  to force it. If it's meant to be, it will be. If not, then why 
> >make the  last few years horrible?
> >
> >Thanks again,
> >
> >Jack  Kean
> >
> >I second Jack and Matt Nall's comments.  Like Matt, I have to believe 
> >immortal.  How else would I be able to pay off all my sons' college 
> >(thank you daughter for going in-state) and finish all the Corvair 
> >that have been largely untouched for the past eight years because of 
> >job.  Practically speaking, if all members of CORSA were taken to that 
> >air cooled recycling yard in the sky (most of us would be sure of going
> >and the rest would be given special dispensation for appreciating and
> >our cars) that would still leave about 20,000 Corvairs in various states
> > operation for others to appreciate.  Then we would have CORSA, The 
> > 
> >Bob Hall
> >Group Corvair
> >Corvanatics

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