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Of all  things, at a swap meet I just picked up new in the box, Midland 
AM/FM casette  and an AM/FM 8 track new in the box, for next to nothing.

Guy says they  came out of an old parts warehouse........

Gary  Swiatowy

Gary - I don't know if you can still buy 8-track recorders, but I think  
blank tapes are still available. What I wanted to do was hook-up the output of 
 an 8-track player into the radio, and connect the "track-selection" button 
up so  that if any pushbutton on the dash mounted AM radio was pushed, it 
would just  switch the 8-track to the next track. There are 4 parallel stereo 
tracks on an  8-track. Then record oldies music tracks onto an 8-track 
cartridge include  station IDs and disk jockey patter. At the car shows, when 
you are playing the  radio, it will seem like a time capsule from the 60's. I 
suppose you could make  some I-pod device or computer control do the same 
thing, but it would be fun to  watch the spectators when you switch Casey 
Kasem to Dick Bioni or Cousin Brucie,  introducing the hits from the age.

Seth Emerson

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San Jose, CA

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