<VV> cancel cam on turn signals

Harry B. Stewart harry.stewart at usa.net
Sat Aug 7 23:25:29 EDT 2010

I bought a 61 raampside that was missing the "guts" to the steering wheel,
My 65 Green Brir was the source of the parts and I think I got it all going
but 2 things.  The turn-signal "pod" from the 65 won't slide down the steering
shaft far enough to get lock nut for the wheel on far enough.  Second there is
a half circle of plastic sicking out from the bottom of the steering wheel
about 1 1/2".  It is labled turn signal cancel in shop manual blow up drawing.
 It seems way too big for the task and if I turn wheel more than 15 degrees
the wheel wants to stop turning. I'd likr to just tak it off, but then I would
lose horn and turn signal cancel...unless I jerry-rig it.

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