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I intend  to do the engine work myself (though will send the parts out 
for machining  since I do not have the tools for that). I plan to do the 
gross body work  (cutting out and patching the rusted areas, sandblasting 
paint and rust  off of the car.... probably do the POR 15 treatement of 
the undercarriage.  But I plan to send the car someplace to do the finish 
body work and the  paint job since I don't have the garage to do it in (I 
plan to put up one  of those canopy-tent style temporary garages to do 
the work and will do  the engine work in my basement).

I will get the satisfaction of doing a  major part of the work myself, 
while saving the money from having all of  it done elsewhere... but I 
lack the tools, the place and the time to do  everything myself.


Karl (in  Boston)

Well Karl, keep us posted. And ask questions when you need to.  Remember 
that the National Convention in 2012 is in your back yard (figuratively  
speaking). If the car is finished (am I dreaming?) or even just a work in  
progress, you can bring it along and show off your handiwork. That is what it is  
all about!

Seth  Emerson

C's the Day! - Corvair, Camaro, Corvette
San Jose,  CA

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