<VV> Steering box question - adjustments ?

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Yes, the box can be adjusted.  However, first make sure that other steering 
components are not loose and/or worn.  You would hate to replace the box 
after numerous failed attempts to adjust it and then find out that the problem 
was elsewhere.  The adjuster is on the top of the box.  Loosen the locking 
nut and turn the center adjuster in.  

Be careful of two things.  First, over the decades, the most wear in the 
steering box is where the wheels are headed straight ahead, more-or-less.  
This is understandable since most of your steering modifications are while you 
are driving down the road.  You may not have your 10 degrees of play at full 
left or right.  Check it.  If you tighten the box in the straight forward 
position, it may be overly tight when the wheels are turned one way or the 
other.  This could put undue stress on components.  I suggest that you adjust 
the box with the wheels turned in one direction or the other and live with 
the possible looseness while the wheels are straight ahead.

Second, when you go to tighten the lock nut after the adjustment, be 
careful that the adjuster does not further tighten while turning the nut in.  Use 
the screwdriver to hold the adjuster in place while tightening the nut.

Good luck.

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> Can the steering box in my 67 Monza be adjusted ?
> It is a little loose in the wheel - more play than I'd like, but drivable, 
> maybe 10 or more degrees before any noticeable movement of front wheels ?
> No other symptoms, but this seems to be too much, certainly more than I'd 
> really like.
> If it needs replacing, is a quick-steer a viable option without being 
> excessively expensive to switch ?
> Thanks
> Charlie

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