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Can  there REALLY be THAT many dumb drivers out there?  Be  careful!

At least in our Corvairs with PG, you only have a neutral safety switch. If 
 you get into a new model car, equipped with an automatic trans, you will 
note  that the brake pedal must be depressed in order to remove the 
transmission from  Park position, and into Drive. That is known as the Audi effect. 
The rule - it  is an NTSA requirement - is there because Audi did, indeed, 
have enough stupid  drivers to crash their 5000s from a standing start, with 
their foot firmly on  the gas pedal, thinking it was the brake, and placing 
it into gear.  It  almost drove Audi from the US market. Also note that there 
are a lot more Toyota  drivers than Audi drivers. Now Toyota is in the same 
unenviable position as Audi  was, telling their own customers that they are 
idiots. It also goes  against the grain of the "culture of victim-hood" in 
the USA. As in "It must be  somebody else's fault, not mine!"

Seth  Emerson

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