<VV> Gettin under the dash

Smitty vairologist at cox.net
Wed Aug 11 15:10:02 EDT 2010

Smitty says: this is a serious tech tipso do what you want with it. Years 
ago when my body started failing me for such activities I made a box about 
two ft long and square in the other two dimentions of the height from the 
floor to the door sill.  I would lay it down outside the door and scoot in 
on it to get under the dash.  When not being used as such I stand it on one 
end for a stool to sit at the bench or to lay tools on when working on an 
engine.  Later I made a platform to put on the floor in the car that gave me 
a level place to match the box.  I throw an old carpet square across the 
threshhold and work in relative comfort.  I just finished two days under the 
dash of the wagon so working there is fresh in my mind.  An hour of time 
spent knocking together such a box out of 1/2 or 3/4 plywood will pay back 
more then you can imagine. 

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