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Charles Birchwood sharpiebandit06 at bellsouth.net
Thu Aug 12 08:49:40 EDT 2010

So last week, I was coming home driving my '65 Monza coupe; I pulled into 
the neighborhood and the engine died. Started it back up and pulled into the 
drive running extremely rough (been sitting out in the rain a couple days so my 
Dad suggested moisture in the carbs). 2 days later, I took a look at the car, 
started it up and it ran a little rough at first, but was then fine, so I 
assumed he was correct about the moisture.
1 week later today, I hadn't started the car since Saturday when I moved it. 
Now, drove it to work and experiencing same roughness in drive; won't stay 
idling. did some service work on it 2 months ago (oil change, new points and 
cap), but other than that, I haven't touched it. Plugs looked fine then, timing 
and carbs were balanced. My supervisor at work (restores mustangs) suggested 
that letting my car sit for so long was good with at the rain we've been getting 
(Jax, FL) and the ethanol in the tank (10% or less nowadays comes with gas) 
could be separating and turning to water and since it is heavier than the gas, 
could be getting sucked through the gas lines. He suggested I use a additive for 
drying out the tank from moisture, (STA-BIL).
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