<VV> Improved Rodents in Combustion chambers

Jay Pitchford jay.pitchford at gmail.com
Thu Aug 12 19:12:24 EDT 2010

Holy cow, how can I find a guy to make a deal like that????


>  That engine was already "improved"...

> In 1980 Ed Corson built it with proper squish, porting,  recurved dist., fuel regulator with mechanical pump...0.060'    balanced  everyrthing.

> Transaxle was a 4.26  4speed and 3.08's....   and FILLED with Amsoil....

> All I ever did was check the head torque...still running sweet and strong today! In my old '66 Vert  " ImmortalVair"

> OH..did I mention that he won the 1980  Dallas Econ-Run at 40 mpg  in 1980  too?

> Paid $300 for the complete car   and removed powerpack
> Sold the chassis back to Ed   2 years later for $200....he didn't want the PP...

>  He only parked it because it didn't have AC....in Riverside, Ca., where he retired..

> Matt Nall

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