<VV> Why ??WHY???: Sparklers for Spike (humor?)

Louis Armer carmerjr at mindspring.com
Fri Aug 13 16:18:56 EDT 2010

That's why you are STILL asst. in charge AND spend so much time in 
the OutHouse !!! <GGG>

for the AHMFIC: all years- Snapper- with Briggs and Stratton engines 
of  8.25 horsepower and 8.75 horsepower or also known as 800 series 
Snapper mowers
......................geeesh why does the Chief BoHunk put up with 
all the grief ?????

Deckrug Emterpises Inc. LTD LLC, dba HRM Eastern Rep
Coyoteville, Indiana

At 12:44 PM 8/13/2010, you wrote:
>They were Tecumseh though, Spike is  Briggs powered hot rod....
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>Hey Smitty, Here you go ...............just what Spike needs!!! <GGG>:
>All Years - SNAPPER w/B&S 8.25 & 8.75 h.p. 800 Series
>................xst 3924........ gap 30
>Division Racing DeckRug Enterprises
>McDonough, Georgia

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