<VV> More Brakes Question

Smitty vairologist at cox.net
Fri Aug 13 22:34:21 EDT 2010

> So with brand new shoes on unworn drums freshly installed.. should I be 
> able to turn the drum by hand?  If so what is wrong?  I assure you the 
> brakes are assembled correctly and I don't have any preload on the wheel 
> bearings.  I tightened the nuts with a ratchet, backed them out, and 
> turned them back in by hand.
> The shoes are Wearever silver part FB189 and it is a 63 Monza coupe.
Smitty Says:  What you are dealing with has gone on for a long time.  The 
shoes are to specification but the specs are wrong.  They are arced to 9 
inches which is the diameter of the drum.  I had an all out war with the 
corporation  of one of the major FLAPS several years ago over that problem. 
They admitted their fault and fixed me up with a proper set but still put a 
milllion sets of shelves on the shelf for customers to buy.  Probably the 
easiest way to fix it is to use a cut off wheel and grind the recesses 
deeper where the ends of the adjustors rest.             Good Luck 

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