<VV> more brakes: question

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Ken,  Wasn't this an EM being discussed?  Unless someone has added them 
along the way, they don't have self adjusters.

Later, JR

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> The self adjusters are meant to maintain the brake pedal level while the 
> shoes are wearing.  It is possible to adjust the brakes up by going in 
> reverse and stepping on the brake.  You may be there, going back and 
> forth, for quite a long time as they do not adjust more than one click at 
> a time.  And then it can even depend on how much heat is in the drum. 
> Best to adjust them with the star wheel till quite snug then back them off 
> 8 to10 notches on the star wheel.  It is necessary to insert as small 
> screwdriver to push the adjusting arm away from the star wheel to back off 
> the adjustment.  If the star wheel can be backed off without moving the 
> adjuster something is wrong.
> Ken P

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