kaczmarek at charter.net kaczmarek at charter.net
Mon Aug 16 16:56:29 EDT 2010

God forbid I interrupt the discussion of Toyota---or OBD systems that were never on a Corvair.

The Ultra Monza is nearly ready to leave the paint shop. Once it is back home, of course the next step is get the glass back in and put in Weatherstrip.  No problems there for me. 

However, I am perplexed by the Glovebox Door.  I know there is Black Wrinkle and Gray Wrinkle paint on original Corvairs.  What about other colors?  Is it possible to get Wrinkle paint in colors other than the two we know we can get? 

The exterior Color is 1971 Camaro Placer Gold.  Interior will be  light saddle and dark saddle. The Dashboard (not the instrument panel) is painted in the exterior color. 

Please answer on list just to try and fill some of the bandwith with actual CORVAIR discussion. 


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