<VV> When a Kleenex is not a kleenex ... starter drives

Charles Lee Chaz at ProperProper.com
Tue Aug 17 12:07:19 EDT 2010

Ah, the snap ring - is that unique to the Corvair, and available, or is part 
of the "Bendix" parts kit  ?

Mine is, well, distorted (though still functioning) and probably should be 
replaced ?


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> I guess some of you youngsters just aren't old enuf to understand, but
> once upon a time, a Bendix wasn't the ninth occurance of some event in
> Bend, Oregon (Bend IX), it was the invention of Vincent Bendix, it did
> away with hand crank engine starting, was first used in 1914, and they
> all had a peculiar flat wound spring.  My first automotive starter
> experiences had them -- Morris Minors and Ford 8-N tractors.
> Bendix starter drives were apparently so successfull that, like Kleenex,
> the word became universal for a starter drive, but I guess many of you
> have not tried to replace a broken Bendix spring on a Bendix style
> starter drive.  The overrunning clutch starter drive on our Corvairs is
> so very much simpler to fix -- just replace the thing -- call it a
> bendix and the counter computer operator will find you one. But now, you
> too can know that it is really not a "Bendix".  Just buy the nifty
> snap-ring tool from a vendor, and it is almost a pain-free job (except
> starter removal).
> 1) Bendix type starter drive --A self-engaging  starter drive gear, the
> gear moves into engagement when the starter starts spinning and
> automatically disengages when the starter stops [Note: no solenoid] Also
> called an Inertia Drive.  Like on a Model T. See attachements.
> 2) Pre-engaged starter (the overrunning clutch starter drive) -- A
> starter motor in which the solenoid-operated pinion engages with a
> flywheel ring gear before the full electric current flows; an
> overrunning clutch enables the pinion to freewheel before disengaging,
> once the engine has fired.  Like on a Corvair.
> 3) Pre-engaged Bendix starter -- A peculiar combination of Bendix and
> pre-engaged starter drives. Usage unknown. <wink wink>
> [definitions with help from http://www.motorera.com/dictionary/]
> Bill Strickland
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