<VV> Carb Vs Efi

Smitty vairologist at cox.net
Fri Aug 20 11:23:22 EDT 2010

> From: jvhroberts at aol.com

> It's a highly erroneous article that has no basis in fact and attempts to 
> violate the most basic physical chemistry rules.
>  The very first error is carbs make more HP than EFI. Given both are 
> optimized for making HP, EFI will ALWAYS beat a carb. Less air flow 
> resistance, better air/fuel mixing, and the obvious one, far better A/F 
> control.
>  The fuel vaporizes in both cases, no difference here. So, the cooling 
> effect will net out to be the same.
>  This author is simply and flatly ignorant of the facts and the theories.
Smitty says :  John I am not arguing with you because I agree with most of 
what you are saying and I will not say anything more on the subject.  But I 
must offer this.  If you had been at the Winter Workshop a couple of years 
ago you would have had the privledge of hearing Bubba of "Bubbas Injectors" 
speak.  The man runs a company that engineers injector systems into older 
cars and hotrods.  As a for instance, He had a 20's something Dodge 4 banger 
engine in work at the time we were there.  He does custom installations on 
virtually anything that can run in the door.  At the end of his rather 
lengthy presentation, he said.  If you want more power from your engine or 
if you want better economy from your engine, Dont Bring It To Me.  A carb 
can do anything an FI can do, and in some cases better.  All I offer is 
You want to argue with somebody, I'm sure someone can supply his phone 
number.  Now, can we get back to Corvair stuff????????????? 

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