<VV> Selling My Corvair

Ray "Grymm" Rodriguez vairguy at echoes.net
Sat Aug 21 18:28:25 EDT 2010


     I suggest putting the car someplace local with very high visibility 
with a for sale sign on it.  Advertising "online" reaches more buyers but 
they are mostly educated buyers and in our case vair nuts who are likely 
willing to pay less for the car (because we know how easy it is go get a 
bargain!) where locals are likely to get excited by the looks of the car and 
be willing to pay more for it once interested.  Local papers are good too, 
but really if targeting non-vair nuts you have to rely on them SEEING the 
car to get interested, not just a print ad.

    Online advertising works great but generally only reaches people who 
searched for that particular model of car so you will be competing directly 
with all other online Corvair sales and drive your price down.

     I think ebay works well for Corvairs only if they are in the lower 
"driver" price range.  I sold one that way, the rest I have sold at Carlisle 
events, again counting on non-vair folks falling in love with the looks of 
the car.  Also be sure to immediately inform prospective buyers that all 
parts are VERY readily available as many folks who are "just a little" 
familiar with vairs tend to assume parts will be a problem since the car is 
so unique.  I know here in the Northeast I get all my parts from  Clarks 
next day!  It's great!

Ray "Grymm" Rodriguez III
Lake Ariel, PA
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65' Corsa 140/4 coupe (under construction and almost done!)
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>I am thinking of selling my 1965 Monza convertible and would appreciate
> suggestions on how to find a buyer. My car in question is in excellent
> condition and I am interested in a new project car.
> The car in question is 1965 Monza 110/4, red with a white top. The body is
> near perfect (from Texas).
> Thanks, John Green
> Corsa member
> Silver Spring MD

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