<VV> Car for sale

paul beck pbeck001 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 23 21:38:21 EDT 2010

While I'm at it.......I got a call from a gentleman (I guess) from Aurora, IL. He's worked on Vairs for a number of years and is getting out of the hobby. Wants to sell off a bunch of parts, etc. for an fc. He was going to redo one and bought a number of parts from Clarks and is offering them at 1/2 Clarks price
 Included, clutch, bolted flywheel, ball joints, motor and trans. mounts, windshield, new tires, brakes and other stuff. Also has good used parts, price negotiable. Also has an lm(car) engine, 110 and doors for a utility fc.
Contact information: Ben Brown, 630-978-0218 (call after noon).
Paul Beck



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