<VV> Medical waivers - No Corvair

Jim Houston jhouston001 at cfl.rr.com
Tue Aug 24 21:36:05 EDT 2010

  I agree we don't want to go down that path, however; with ObamaCare 
that is exactly where we are headed. . .

Jim Houston
> Charles,
> Don't even joke about needing medical waivers for  dangerous behavior. I
> have
> heard the same thing suggested numerous times  regarding motorcycle riders -
> an activity I enjoy and plan to  continue.
> Once that can of worms is open, the insurance companies will  jump to
> determine which activities are "dangerous", and therefore less  profitable.
> How would you like them to determine that driving a classic car  without
> airbags is a dangerous activity, and not covered by insurance. How  about
> eating high-fat foods? A slice of cheese, or birthday cake could  invalidate
> your health insurance. Imagine going to the hospital suffering  from heart
> attack symptoms, and the questions on the admission form has  stuff like
> "have you ever eaten bacon", or "gone a week without aerobic  exercise"? How
> many questionnaires like this would the average person  pass.
> This is not a road we want to take.
> Lonny

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