<VV> Medical waivers - making Corvair safer

Charles Lee Chaz at ProperProper.com
Wed Aug 25 13:55:41 EDT 2010

Consider it the 'admission fee' for doing whatever it is - smoking or
driving a classic car or not wearing your helmet or seat belt.

If you enjoy riding your mountain bike or motorcycle without a helmet enough
to pay more, it your choice.

Sometimes driving a classic car can be an advantage if it doesn't suffer
from structural rust, and a Corvair is actually made of real metal and
should stand up pretty well ?

We've seen a few Corvair accidents and I wonder if anyone looked to see how
they stood up against the modern cars involved.

It's probably too soon to look at Eddie Corson's 1962 Corvair, but is there
anything we can learn from that tragedy ?  I don't believe he hit another
car but what can we do to prevent the accident, or minimize injury.

Isn't that how Ralph into Corvairs in the first place ?  He picked the
Corvair as a vulnerable target simply because GM handled it badly, but did
make cars safer, too bad it was at the expense of the Corvair (yes, that's
not why GM stopped production - another story)

The fines levied go to the local community, and don't go to covering the
cost of their potential medical expenses, which are still 'socialized' ?


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So the sad truth is that for every person who refuses to accept
responsibility for his own contributory neglegence of not wearing a helmet
or seat belt, we (the clients) all end up having to share the added burden
of those unnecessary expenses in the form of higher premiums.

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