<VV> Corvairs in accidents

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Wed Aug 25 16:36:06 EDT 2010

<We've seen a few Corvair accidents and I wonder if anyone looked to see  
they stood up against the modern cars involved.>
Two years ago a '64 coupe was involved in a frontal offset collision in  
Indiana when a drunk drove his Cobalt into the Corvair's path.  The  drunk 
walked--or should I say staggered away complaining only of chest pain  where 
his airbag hit him.  The Corvair, supposedly, had no seat  belts.  The driver 
was hospitalized with a broken femur being his greatest  of many injuries.  
His passenger wife died.  The URLs, below, show  pics of the Corvair which 
obviously did not fare well.  If I had to be in a  crash and could choose, I 
definitely would prefer to be in a modern  car rather than a Corvair--even a 
lowly Cobalt!
~Bill Stanley

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