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Wed Aug 25 21:38:54 EDT 2010

i have run 140 manifolds with 110 gaskets on so many motors thru the years  
i cant remember.  never had any problems . main thing to make sure of , is  
mount the mufflers to the motor , NOT the body as some kits suggested.   
just make sure things are tight and  recheck all after driving  it a while.
ALL of my present 4 vehicles have this type of system , only one has real  
140 heads / down pipes.
most have clarks quieter mufflers , the coupe  (110hp powerglide , 060  
over , reworked heads , ) has 2 stock mufflers (larger outlet pipes ) from  
Clark's. it sounds great , but it is quiet enough to travel comfortably with.  
careful selection of tailpipe length and direction of  angle cut end  also 
changes the cabin noise .
these methods i have done , not dreamed of.  the smaller mufflers from  
Clarks kits are a touch loud , but sound "cool?"
2 hollywoods on a 110hp powerglide  rampy is way too loud...i know of  one.
one stock muffler on a 64 van with 110hp 4spd is quiet , but sounds  
restricted  (hiss?) under load.
this is the .020 octane cut , 51 jets , reworked heads  110hp  motor i did 
for the Beatrice van.
regards , Tim  Colson                        _www.cnycorvair.com_ 

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