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Ray "Grymm" Rodriguez vairguy at echoes.net
Wed Aug 25 22:37:12 EDT 2010

I fell in love with ABS after I did some playing around in a wet parking lot with it...  and since I have dreamed of adding ABS to a Corvair.  Anyone able to give some info on how complex and expensive a task that would be?  I'd gladly stay with drums as I find them to be great.. I just want them to be ABS.

ABS is a good thing IMHO, but much more important to the modern "non-enthusiast" driver....   A few years ago I got my (then) girlfriend driving a vair...  she did GREAT at modulating the brakes in practice emergency stops.. but six months later when a deer ran out in front of her she put the pedal to the floor... held it there and went right off the road.

No significant damage to the car (amazingly) and no injuries... she got caught by a big bush thing... see picture!

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