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Are my  concerns right, or is it that our rear engined Chevrolet owners 
don't think of  their Corvairs as Chevrolet's'?


Carl L.  Kelsen

Tim answered point by point, But in reference to your line above. It isn't  
the Corvair owners who reject Chevrolet, and it isn't Chevrolet that  
rejects Corvair owners. I own almost all Chevrolet vehicles, A  Corvette, two 
Camaros, an Avalanche - as well as my two Corvairs. Several  members of the 
other clubs (Camaro and Corvette) that I have  attended made no secret of their 
contempt for the Corvair. They went along  with the general (American) 
public's view of the Corvair as an aberration or  blot on the Chevrolet history. 
I did enjoy beating many of the Corvettes and  Camaros at local Autocrosses 
with my Corvair. Chevrolet has been great.  They were a big help in the 
Corvair Society's Detroit Convention - 2007?  -  they hosted the Concours at 
the Tech Center and let us tour the Heritage  collection for free.
 As far as the stock vs. ANY non-stock, I must admit that I value what  I 
value, what is important to me. I lived through the 60s, and I see no reason  
to do it again. I like my street Corvair with improved seats, better/bigger 
 tires and a better radio. My race car gets improvements to make it a 
winner  (sometimes). I  must admit that my Corvette has replacement rear fenders  
that, although GM stock, are not stock on my Corvette. My Avalanche even 
has  Cadillac wheels. (My wife's Saturn Aura is absolutely as delivered - so  
But I do understand the focus on the original. Through Silicone Wire  
Systems, I support Concours folks who want ignition wire sets that duplicate the  
originals. And I trailered a friends Stock Class 1969 Concours car a long  
way to a National Convention for him.  

I plan on attending the Denver Convention, and bringing a Corvair (actually 
 a Yenko replicar) If you do decide to attend the Corsa event, I'd be happy 
to  offer you a drive in the Autocross, if you wish. You will have to 
remember to  drive on the right side though, old habits are hard to break!
Seth  Emerson

C's the Day! - Corvairs,  Camaros, one Corvette

San Jose, CA

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