<VV> Valve adjustment

Smitty vairologist at cox.net
Sun Aug 29 11:59:33 EDT 2010

Smitty Says;  For those who are too cheap to buy a manual and those who are 
too "slow" to read what they bought.   In the 61 Basic manual it tells how 
to adjust the valves cold.  It never addresses adjusting them hot.  In the 
64 manual it describes how to adjust them hot and running.  I didn't check 
the 65 manual.  So the only argument is which book are you reading? 
Admittedly the 65 advice would seem to superceed the 61 advice but on the 
other hand the engines were not run at the factory until they were buttoned 
up and sent to the test stands.
My logic and experience has shown me that when they have been adjusted cold 
during engine assembly there is no reason to touch them again because when a 
problem arises it has never been an adjustment problem.  It has always been 
a faulty (dirty or broken) lifter, bad cam, bent pushrod, sticking valve, 
worn valve guide.  Good luck on adjusting that away in a hot oil bath. 

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