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I think this is all basic automotive brake system tech. I'm looking at a 30 year old Chilton's that explains the operation of dual master cylinders. 

Even if Ray did manage to get complete diagrams, specifications, etc., etc., so what? Aside from redesigning a master cylinder, all this info will lead down a pathway that says, rebuild or replace the master cylinder. 

Maybe people may expect to have almost the same braking as with both front & rear functioning properly. The answer is, you will not. This has already been voiced on VV and reading in the 30 year old Chilton's, when talking about if one side of the master cylinder fails, "In either case the brake pedal drops closer to the floor board and less braking power is available." 

Kind of basic Auto Tech 101, isn't it? 

If I can read it in a 30 year old Chilton's, I would guess this must be on the N et someplace? 

But, as usual, I could be wrong. 

Roy - Bayshore 

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I think what Ray is after is a schematic of the master cylinder and the 
switch that indicates one side or the other has failed. 
I have often wondered myself how a dual cylinder works.  Is there a spring 
that applies the front piston? 
How can you get equal pressure if the thing has two pistons? 
The entire world ran on single cylinders for 67 years?  I have only owned 
one Corvair with a dual master and the brakes never felt "right" on it. 
Clark Hartzel 

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