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<<I do believe that the problem I'm investigating is in the  pedal/MC 
assemblies and not the lines, but I want to cover all my bases  and have 
told that the factory dual-MC setup (as far as the lines and  the presence 
proportioning valves) is different than the conversion..  
Ray (and whatever unwashed masses there may be),
The late LM dual reservoir master cylinder does NOT (I repeat *NOT* just  
for clarification and for those not listening) have a proportioning valve...  
what is has is a large brass junction block with a small electrical warning 
 switch screwed into the front. That switch is probably the most 
misunderstood  think in a LLM... there is a small "shuttle" to ground that resembles a 
barrel  bearing roller with a *bite* out of it, and it sits snuggly in the 
pathway  between the front and rear pipe pathways. When enough pressure is 
built up (and  not enough on the other side) the shuttle slides towards the 
lesser pressure,  touching the grounding switch, lighting up the light in the 
How do I know this?
I cut one open with a wiz wheel about 18 years ago to prove it wasn't a  
"proportioning valve"... and won $50 because the guy thought I wouldn't do it  
and believed it was....
So it's not a proportioning valve, just a high fallootin' junction block... 
 when I added the LLM set up to my 64 700, I included the junction block, 
just  because I had it, and I also have a parking brake warning light under 
the dash  as well, and I wired the "junction block switch" to the parking 
brake warning  light switch... so I now have a warning for both types of brake  
If your brakes are not adjusted correctly, and the master cylinder loses  
fluid, you WILL NOT have brakes. I check & adjust (if needed, and sometimes  
it is) at every oil change (or whenever I have it up on a rack at the 
neighbor's  garage)... but I've been dealing with these little cars and vans for 
20 years  now... 
So there ya have it...
Oh, and Ray, sorry if I seem to nit-pick, but selling car parts for most of 
 my life and having people call parts the wrong thing has made me almost as 
 annoying as a few fellow VV members get when someone mentions a "rear  
windshield" (actually a backlight) or even a bendix (it's a starter drive for  
Pete's sake! Unless we're discussing "The Life of Riley"...)... and a few 
other  things...
Class dismissed.
Lonzo... teacher extrordinaire, and "all around" mushroom... get it? I'm a  

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