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Doug Mackintosh dougmackintosh at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 8 22:19:47 EST 2010

I drove Corvairs through high school and into college. When the Vega came out my 
dad talked me into unloading my 3 Corvairs (including the my project car near 
ready for paint) to buy a new Vega. I special ordered a Vega GT (red of course) 
- no stripe. 

The engine shook so bad it would shake the guts out of the carburetor. Washed 
the walls with gasoline - I averaged 13 MPG on a trip from Raleigh, NC to 
Pensacola FL. When I unloaded it I was adding 2 quarts of oil at every gas 

GM had an overheating problem which would make the cylinders warp, so they had 
one of those back-door warranty programs where if you asked they would fix it. 
Took it to my friendly local dealer. They removed the head, reinstalled it, 
charged me $250 for the privelege, and informed me it was not "the problem". 

On the upside, it never overheated. And I got rid of it before it rusted out !

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While we are celebrating birthdays let us not forget that wonderous day 40 
years ago when the first Vega rolled off the assembly line.  For those who 
don't know me, look at my teeth.  I am smiling. >>

 -- Doug Mackintosh
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