<VV> price for turbo engine/turbo parts?

Ray R. (aka Grymm) vairguy at echoes.net
Thu Jul 1 09:17:23 EDT 2010

Aye, I know these factors are a big ? and create a huge variable so all I 
was looking for was a range starting at the value of a complete turbo setup 
with a bad turbo and a  non-turbo engine, and up to a complete running turbo 
engine that could probably use a rebuild.

With that info I can make a judgement call on what to pay for the "lottery 

In the meantime IF I actually get a call back from the guy, Isn't there a 
number on the engine somewhere that will at least tell me if the block was 
originally a turbo engine?... or the heads at least?  If I can locate that 
number and check it that will give me another hint as to whether the actual 
engine parts are turbo or just the turbo assembly.

>From what I've seen on ebay the turbo itself isn't all that expensive... my 
guess is that the biggest problem with putting a factory turbo setup 
together is finding all the little bits and pieces.

The car looks like a 63, but there is no telling beyond that.. all I know is 
there is a turbo setup sitting atop the engine, and it looks fairly clean in 
the engine room.  So far I haven't heard back from the guy.. either he is 
slow to check his messages or someone beat me to it and he just isn't 

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> One issue:
> Is it actually a turbo motor?
> Or just a turbo on a 110?
> If the turbo is seized, it may be only worth what a paperweight is worth.
> A rebuildable carb can be worth $50.
> A lot more variables.
> What year is it?
> What else on the car has value.........
> Gary Swiatowy

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