<VV> Horn 1963

Robert Hawes robert.hawes at mac.com
Thu Jul 1 18:37:07 EDT 2010

Shortly after I purchased my 65 the horn stopped working. I was being  
helped by some club members pointing out how to short the wires from  
the back of the relay in order to test the horns since I had already  
checked the wheel button. I got a toot from the jump and thought must  
be the relay's gone bad. Well I get back in the car and now no  
headlights, no turn signals in addition to no horn. I think I must  
have blown a major fuse or something to have such a failure. I get  
back under the hood to see if I can short the relay again and just  
happen to look up the line to notice the front wiring harness  
unplugged at the cowl junction!!! Yup, after I plugged her back in  
everything went back online including the horn...

Moral: check the simple stuff first (like connections)!

Bob Hawes
65 Monza 140 PG

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