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After fixing an oil leak on the Legends car in between the heat race and the feature race, I do keep JB in the tool box. 

During the heat race (8 lap race) we started smoking due to an oil leak from a cracked cylinder block. What we feared is the track officials would notice this in the feature race (25 laps) and black flag us for smoke. We only had 15 minutes in between our heat race and the feature race that night. 

After reading the directions, "Crap, we don't have time to do that", I grabbed a can of brake clean, hosed down the hot engine, this was in between the exhaust headers, and began to smear the JB Weld into the crack. The problem is, JB Weld becomes very runny when hot, so it was keep pushing it up onto the hot block until it took a set. 

It worked! We ran the feature, 25 green flag laps plus a few cautions and finished the race without smoke. True it's not a lasting repair, but the attitude of Saturday Night Short Track Racing is MAKE THE FEATURE AT ALL COSTS. 

Roy - Bayville 

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Well, OK , so  gum or JB is good. How many of you actually have some in the 
tool box 'in the car',  hunh ?? 

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