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> After fixing an oil leak on the Legends car in between the heat race and 
> the feature race, I do keep JB in the tool box.
Note that most all epoxies' setting times are temperature linked.   a heat 
gun, hair dryer,  or hot block !!!  would make a 45 
minute-at-room-temperature setup time reduce to maybe 5 or 10 minutes.

Also, an amazing trick is to dose the joint or repair after applying the 
epoxy mix ... with some Baking Soda ...  will start fizzing and setup within 
minutes, maybe even seconds.  !!!!!   ( old model airplane gluing trick  ) 

Keep in mind that epoxy set-up is a chemical reaction, and is exothermic ( 
can get really hot ) ....  thin joints are safer than thick joints in such 
extrememe  measures.  a thick wall of epoxy could start a fire when so 
BiCarbed ...

just some trivia... ken campbell, iou 

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