<VV> My '62 Wagon Failed Again

Ron ronh at owt.com
Fri Jul 2 02:21:56 EDT 2010

I went to a meeting in town at the Community House this evening and when leaving it, I backed up about two feet and there was a loud bang and the front dropped down.  It was dark and with a light rain so I decided to call my wife and abandon it in the municipal parking lot until morning.  I hope it's still there in the morning but with the aid of a small flashlight I did notice that the lower ball joint of the right front wheel had let go and the wheel is quite askew.  The question now is will there be other damage or is it just the ball joint?  I can't help but think how lucky I am that it didn't happen while rolling 250 miles down the interstate to the Northwest Econorun just a week and a half ago.  Anybody have any advice on this?

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