<VV> [FC] An Internship of Sorts

N2VZD at aol.com N2VZD at aol.com
Fri Jul 2 06:37:32 EDT 2010

that concept is something for all of us corvair guys to pay attention to.  
swapping favors is a good idea...or
 that's what we try to do with club tech sessions. someone with a  project 
question has the group over , guys in shop , gals in house on food ,  
knitting , etc.
other resources you really need , BOOKS!, start with tech guide , and bob  
helts books, they are worth a lot to someone new to corvairs.
best to ya,   regards, tim colson
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hmlinc at sbcglobal.net writes:

Well  Travis,

You've got a great attitude and a GREAT middle name.  You  probably are not 
aware that the power at GM behind the existence of  Corvair is/was a 
gentleman by the name of Edward Cole.

Maybe it is  destiny that brought you to that Greenbrier?

Later,  JR

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