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Back in the day, most Chevrolets used an "A" & "F" note horns....the other GM Marques determined the particular "chord" combination that their marketing folks thought appropriate. The horn lab in engineering even made a special set of horns that utilized an "industrial timer" in the 50's to play "See the USA in your Chevrolet" and Chevy moved it from car to car that they furnished to Dinah Shore. That set of horns was still in use in the early 70's on the Chevy marketing VP's furnished car. We made B flat horns for some Buicks, Cadillac used a couple of the sea shell style horns and a high C note trumpet style horn for several years. At the peak production in the 70's, Delco Remy made 41,000 horns every week day on the automated assembly lines in Plant 7. 

Jerry McKenzie 
former Delco Remy employee...now no one is! 

Springfield, IL 

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