<VV> need advice re: leaky gas tank

deltainc deltainc at grm.net
Fri Jul 2 20:37:05 EDT 2010

If you can get at the leak from outside, you can use a urethane type glue to 
plug the hole from outside.
This crutch works so well I feel guilty about it; I have even done a fix on 
those dumb butt kydex lawn mower tanks that always split at the seams from 

My Clunk Gophermobile/deer decimator 88 Frod Tempo tank is on it's 4th 
seperate pinhole, one a rock crease split .... repairs havent failed yet, 
oldest is about 8 years without renewing the leak.

Brand names are Shoe Goo ( tube ),  Green Stuff ( aerosol foam ... it grows 
and grows (g))
This stuff will stick to your fingers and hair forever... funny for the 
first few months, but wear disposable gloves and wash off oopsies real quick 
( within seconds ) with mineral spirits ...

If you use the aerosol, do not count on later using the remainder of the 
can... it usually sticks the nozzle shut after one use.Try to plan multiple 
projects at same time, to save waste.  Will bond anything to anything.

Just some trivia, ken campbell, triviating in iowuh 

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