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J R Read_HML hmlinc at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jul 3 02:01:18 EDT 2010

Several folks responded to my question about "talking" too much.  Many were 
"on line" and several were "off line".  The vast majority 95+% said - 
continue to do what you have been doing.

Please let me explain just WHAT that is (if I can).

First, I feel that VV is an information exchange medium.  Sometimes it is 
serious tech stuff, and sometimes it is not so serious.  I came into this 
"forum" (I dislike the forum format, have no grudge against it but avoid it 
when possible) at the time when Group Ken and Group Canuck were still quite 
active.  At that time there were joking style emails about the Canadians 
sending pigeons over the USA to drop "bombs" on their Southern neighbors.  I 
still miss those jokes, but I miss, even more, the personalities (some I met 
in person later) and I especially miss the fact that much of the knowledge 
from those folks no longer makes it to VV.

Second, I realize that there are many active members on VV who have been 
involved since the beginning.  I do not pretend to have more knowledge than 
they.  Even lclc says "ya never knows it all".

My responses are often of a humorous nature (harking back to the "group" 
days), but they are just as often (possibly more so) aimed at the direct 
approach to solving a current problem.  Please keep in mind that opinions 
might look like "gospel" sometimes (not intentional).  So, always wait to 
see who says what.

Third, I tend to answer "newbies" quicker than I do "regulars".  Why?  I'd 
like to help them get past the struggle of making their new 
purchase/inheritance/whatever actually drivable without serious damage to 
themselves or the vehicle.  What often happens is that a few exchanges take 
place in the open area and then questions get very specific.  At that point, 
I generally take it private since I don't want to repeat stuff which is 
either already known by everyone else or in the VV archives for lookup. 
Sometimes I error on this approach since a seasoned Vair person might look 
like a "newbie" to Vairs when they are only new to VV.  That is when I find 
out that I can learn more from them than they can from me.  Well, I do have 
a trick or two up my sleeve that can get past an "emergency".

So, for those who answered - do what you've been doing - I thank you.  I 
will do so.

Oh, thanks to Lonzo, Warren, Seth, Smitty (my spell checker always wants to 
make it Smutty), and several others (Matt? when I can understand him - need 
to read between the lines - or add your own sometimes) and many others who 
have taught me more than a few things along the way.  It is a journey for 
all of us.  Let's keep it fun!


Later, JR
'61 Rampside Standard 4/110
'65 Monza Convertible 4/140
"Keep the Love Alive" 

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