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Rick Norris ricknorris at suddenlink.net
Sat Jul 3 07:38:42 EDT 2010

Joke on Brother, I'll do the serious stuff!
The Lone Haranguer

> Several folks responded to my question about "talking" too much.  Many 
> were
> "on line" and several were "off line".  The vast majority 95+% said -
> continue to do what you have been doing.
> Please let me explain just WHAT that is (if I can).
> First, I feel that VV is an information exchange medium.  Sometimes it is
> serious tech stuff, and sometimes it is not so serious.  I came into this
> "forum" (I dislike the forum format, have no grudge against it but avoid 
> it
> when possible) at the time when Group Ken and Group Canuck were still 
> quite
> active.  At that time there were joking style emails about the Canadians
> sending pigeons over the USA to drop "bombs" on their Southern neighbors. 
> I
> still miss those jokes, but I miss, even more, the personalities (some I 
> met
> in person later) and I especially miss the fact that much of the knowledge
> from those folks no longer makes it to VV.
> Second, I realize that there are many active members on VV who have been
> involved since the beginning.  I do not pretend to have more knowledge 
> than
> they.  Even lclc says "ya never knows it all".
> My responses are often of a humorous nature (harking back to the "group"
> days), but they are just as often (possibly more so) aimed at the direct
> approach to solving a current problem.  Please keep in mind that opinions
> might look like "gospel" sometimes (not intentional).  So, always wait to
> see who says what.
> Third, I tend to answer "newbies" quicker than I do "regulars".  Why?  I'd
> like to help them get past the struggle of making their new
> purchase/inheritance/whatever actually drivable without serious damage to
> themselves or the vehicle.  What often happens is that a few exchanges 
> take
> place in the open area and then questions get very specific.  At that 
> point,
> I generally take it private since I don't want to repeat stuff which is
> either already known by everyone else or in the VV archives for lookup.
> Sometimes I error on this approach since a seasoned Vair person might look
> like a "newbie" to Vairs when they are only new to VV.  That is when I 
> find
> out that I can learn more from them than they can from me.  Well, I do 
> have
> a trick or two up my sleeve that can get past an "emergency".
> So, for those who answered - do what you've been doing - I thank you.  I
> will do so.
> Oh, thanks to Lonzo, Warren, Seth, Smitty (my spell checker always wants 
> to
> make it Smutty), and several others (Matt? when I can understand him - 
> need
> to read between the lines - or add your own sometimes) and many others who
> have taught me more than a few things along the way.  It is a journey for
> all of us.  Let's keep it fun!
> Sincerely.....
> Later, JR
> '61 Rampside Standard 4/110
> '65 Monza Convertible 4/140
> "Keep the Love Alive"
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