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Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Sat Jul 3 21:48:35 EDT 2010

At 05:03 PM 7/3/2010, rbeth at comcast.net wrote:
>I have a 63 Conv that has a shimmy and vibration at certain speeds. 
>A little history. I had the tires that came on the  car balanced  No 
>help.  I bought new tires from Clarks Had them mounted and balanced. 
>No Help I had new upper and lower Ball Joints and Idler Arm 
>installed. No Help. I had the tires from Clarks balanced at a 
>different place. No Help, Sometimes the  car shimmy's more that 
>other times. When I get to 45 mph the car shimmys sometimes more 
>that other times At about 55 or 60 it does not shimmy
>So far I have spent about 1200.00 dollars and no fix.
>Running out of money
>63 Corvair Conv
>Nokesville, Va


OK, assuming that you're sure the front end of the car is 
right:  (and did you check the idler arm while you were at it?)

Are you sure you don't have anything bent in back?    Jack it up and 
put it on stands so the rear wheels (yes, the rear) are off the 
ground.   Start and run it with the gearbox in 4th, up to your 
"shimmy speed".   If it tries to vibrate, have someone watch closely 
in back, both sides.

A bent axle on an early ragtop can cause the car to behave as you 
describe.   I still have the bent axle...


PS:   "less than good" shocks can make it even worse

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