<VV> eBay has gone to pot

Ken Maxwell kobramax at insightbb.com
Sun Jul 4 09:13:56 EDT 2010

Hi Guys!


I agree that the "Corvair" search in e-bay has really become a chore as I
have to wade through thousands of generic turn signal, headlight, car cover,
floor mat, neutral safety switch, antifreeze thermostats and old magazine
ads and I was searching in "title only" not "description". I finally decided
to do something about it this morning and I have now cut my "Corvair" search
from 10,031 to 7,332 hits by excluding a few irritating multiple listers.
It's easy to do. Just open your search and select "advanced search" at the
top of the screen. Go down to near the bottom of the options and select the
"Sellers" button and then select the "exclude" button. You then can type in
the sellers you want to exclude (I went through my search writing down all
the sellers whose ads I no longer wished to see). You then hit "Search" at
the bottom of the screen and your new reduced search will show up. You then
need to select "Save this search and alert me later" and follow the
instructions to save your new choices. 

A word of warning: some sellers routinely change or add new user names and
must be excluded under their new names as well. Good luck!


Ken Maxwell

Louisville, KY


65 Turbo Corsa

67 Monza Sedan

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