<VV> best timing setting for a 140/4 with a 280 cam?

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This is  a street car but I'm looking for max power without totally killing 
my gas  mileage etc. as I put a lot of miles on it.  Where do you think I 
should  set my timing considering the 280 Cam and the fact that the car is a 
driver  for best performance?

PS- this car also has an ignitor2 and  flamethrower coil
All that really matters is maximum advance. On a mildly modified 140, up to 
 an all-out modified (normally aspirated) Corvair 36 total degrees is the 
maximum  I would suggest. If the distributor has 18 (crank)  degrees set into 
 it, an setting of 18 degrees will yield that 36 degree total. Less in the  
distributor allows more in the initial setting. Anything over about 20-22   
initial degrees can cause hard starting - hard cranking, actually. A spark  
applied far enough ahead of TDC will push back on the piston and slow  
cranking. Many speed shops - if you can find one - will be able to show you the  
advance curve on your distributor and modify it if you wish. They may have 
to  re-install points in order to check it, but it won't affect the curve. 
Seth Emerson (Sitting in the Sea-Tac airport, currently  sleepless)

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