<VV> VR Code .... Now VD

Gary Moore tdrinkr at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 6 09:18:17 EDT 2010

Thanks Doc    I got this engine at an auction and could not find much info on it. Do you know if the the heads on this particular engine have the tougher exhaust valves and valve rotators? The head # does not differ from that of the car engine. 
    I currently am using a YR engine with 102 heads in my rampside.Gary


The "VD" engine was the FC version of the 102 HP engine.  
It was only offered in the FCs very early in that first year it was available in 
cars.  The reason it was withdrawn is that it is a poor engine for the 
FC.  It will knock itself to death.  The HP and torque bands of the 
102 come in at fairly high RPM.  It works OK in a car but the FCs need 
power at low RPM.  It is fairly rare (I have one) which is why it is not 
often shown in the usual lists.  If you want to use it, you may want 
to change the heads to lower CR and change the distributor or at least the 
innards of the distributor to bring the HP and torque bands lower.  I think 
the cam shaft is a little more radical too but replacing it requires a complete 
tear down of the engine.  The engine will perform OK in an FC with just the 
head and distributor changes.
Good luck,



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