<VV> Tele-column FOR SALE (pics) make offers please

Ray R. (aka Grymm) vairguy at echoes.net
Tue Jul 6 17:46:07 EDT 2010

Alright folks, this is it!

The tele-column I've been teasing you all with the past few weeks is finally ready for bids.  I am told this column will fit 65 AND 66 with the included 65' tele-specific steering box.  Since you will be replacing the box as well as the column you CAN install this on your 66' (or late 65) car.  I am not certain about putting it in a 67+ car. 

I took as many detailed photos as I could manage with my rapidly dying camera...  I have to spend 5 minutes beating it up to get it to work before taking each photo =(.

The column is brown in color (came from a car with a saddle interior) but will need repainting anyway.  The wheel is a simulated wood wheel with the correct horn button for a wood wheel.  The wheel has one crack that will need to be repaired.  (If you want to make an offer on the column but don't want the wheel please say so in your offer).  

The wheel looks to be in excellent condition except for the one major crack (clarks sells a repair epoxy that is supposed to be amazing).  The horn button has excellent chrome but the clear plastic has the usual cracks inside from aging... see photo.

The telescopic adjuster ring has pitting in the chrome.  It looks good from a few feet away but this one part would need to be replated to be show quality.  The telescoping action on the column is wonderfully smooth feeling.. like new.  For those who don't know the center ring around the horn button is the "lock" for the telescoping function.. you loosen it.. set the wheel, and tighten it.... It's the neatest thing ever... If I didn't feel such a strong need to keep buying and fixing up other corvairs I'd keep this for my 66' Corsa myself!

I am told that I should not take less than $400 for the column complete with wheel even with the imperfections,  Please send any offer above $350.00 by email to me.  Buyer will pay shipping but I PROMISE I will find the most economical shipping method.. not just ship it at high cost by the most personally convenient means.  I'd like it even better if we could exchange it in person!

If I do not get any offers above $350.00 here I will be putting the column complete on ebay with no reserve and take whatever it goes up to.  Apparently this column is sought after by the corvette crowd also.  

Again, if you wish to buy the column WITHOUT the wheel mention that with your offer.  I wouldnt mind using the wheel myself or I can sell it separately.

I will send updates to all bidders as to the highest bid as the bids come in.

Thanks all! Happy bidding!







Ray "Grymm" Rodriguez III
Lake Ariel, PA
CORSA member
66' Corsa 140/4 coupe
65' Corsa 140/4 coupe (under construction and almost done!)
63' Monza PG coupe (under construction- quickie driver build)

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