<VV> Help! Ignition Messed UP - Case of the Absent-Minded Professor, or ADD-afflicted Enthusiast

Bill H. gojoe283 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 7 12:39:01 EDT 2010


I'd like to thank the great folks who responded to my ignition problem.  One 
thing I neglected, makes me embarrassed, but...

The left bank of cylinders turns out to be 2-4-6, NOT!!! 4-5-6.  And the right 
side is 1-3-5, NOT!!! 1-2-3...

You'd think it's pretty obvious, since the info is stamped on top of the turkey 

Lesson learned.  Sometimes it's the simple things that you can slip up when 
doing a complex task.  As I was scratching my head looking at the engine bay, it 
suddenly hit me.  I re-did the wires, and she started up the first time...

Imagine installing A/C in, around, and under the car when it's 100 degrees 
outside.  There some sort of irony there...

Bill Hershkowitz 69 Monza 110 PG

> Hi all...I'm in the middle of installing A/C in my car, and so far, everything 
>that can go wrong, has gone wrong!
> Now somehow I messed up my plug wires and ignition wires.  There is an 
>insulated "resistor" wire, that goes on one side of the coil.  Then I see a 
>yellowish-gold wire, it came loose from its terminal and I can't figure out 
>where this wire goes, but it looks like another ignition wire. Doesn't that go 
>on the coil also?
> Also, what's the best and easiest way to determine how to put the distributor 
>wires back correctly?  I have the firing order right, and I've gotten the notch 
>on the vibration damper pulley within the timing scale on the block, but I've 
>tried to put both #1 and #2 wires at the terinal where the rotor's pointing.  
>The car backfires and almost starts, but won't.
> Help!  And thanks everyone.  Hope you're all having a great Forth!
> Bill Hershkowitz 69 Monza 110 PG


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