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I wasn't there this year but I have marched past your house at least 25 times with the Conn. Hurricanes. Used to be that if you had enough beer, we would stop and play for you. (Illegal now of course)

Steve Gangi

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About a year ago, I asked this group if anyone had any experience or 

plans regarding building bleachers.  I needed a set for people to watch 

the Bristol, RI 4th of July parade (America's Oldest) from my front 

lawn.  I know that building bleachers isn't Corvair-related, but I do 

know that 99.9% of this list is good with their hands.

If you Google "bleacher plans" you will come up with surprisingly few 

results.  I looked over the 2-3 plans I was able to find, along with 

photos of commercially available bleachers.  Once I learned the basic 

design issues involved, I was able to draw up a set of my own plans 

using Visio.  A few of you advised me to consider the legal liability of 

the project and I factored this into my design as well.  The bleachers 

are designed to hold 20-25 people and a theoretical weight of 5,000 lbs. 

The bleachers were finished in time for this year's parade ... just in 

time.  On the morning of the parade, while I was in the house dealing 

with something else, my friends rigged up a ribbon and demanded that we 

engage in a ribbon-cutting ceremony to inaugurate the bleachers.  Since 

they had sweated out the last 36 hours with me, I was happy to oblige.  

The photo is attached and I hope it comes through on this list.

Once things got underway, the bleachers were filled to capacity and were 

rock-solid.  We had 75 people over for the parade including bleacher 

sitters, porch sitters, and in the case of my daughters and their high 

school friends, roof sitters.

If you look at the picture, you'll see that the entire structure is 

bolted together and can be broken down to individual boards.  For 

storage during the offseason, it all goes over the fence (directly 

behind the bleachers in the photo) and down the bulkhead steps into the 

basement .  It takes about 30 minutes to bring the wood in and out of 

the basement and about 4 hours to assemble everything.

Thanks to everyone who responded last year and to everyone else for the 

non-Corvair bandwidth.  I think they came out pretty well, so if you 

would like the Visio plan I drew up for the bleachers (and the inventory 

of materials), I'm happy to share it.  I'm also happy to advise you to 

hire someone else to build them...  ;-)

Steven "drinking plenty of ice water after this weekend" Serenska

'65 Monza Convertible

'66 Corsa Coupe

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