<VV> Corvair Atlanta reminder for the Choo-Choo Event

Louis Armer carmerjr at mindspring.com
Wed Jul 7 14:07:46 EDT 2010

Hi everyone, In case you are in our neck of the woods we are touring 
the North Georgia mountains with the Choo-Choo Corvair club.
If you are in the vicinity come and join the fun.................... 
I will be taking daBrier.

Chuck Armer
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>Hi Folks,
>Just a reminder about the Choo-Choo event this Saturday. The 
>schedule of the event is below. So far, Only Chuck has said he will 
>be there. If anyone wants to caravan up from the Northwest side of 
>Atlanta, I will plan to wait at a  location in Canton to form up a caravan.
>I need anyone planning to go to please contact me so I can get a 
>rough head count. Also if you want to caravan up from Canton, let me 
>know that also.
>Dan Terry-Prez
>Sent: 7/1/2010 12:11:31 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time
>Subj: Fwd: Choo-Choo Corvair Club Meeting July 10th, 2010
>Sent: Friday, June 25, 2010 6:59:21 PM
>Subject: Choo-Choo Corvair Club Meeting July 10th, 2010
>Our club meeting for July 10th will be a road trip to three 
>different Chevrolet Dealers in the North Georgia mountains.  This 
>event has been arranged with a lot of work and inspiration by our 
>own Troy Phillips.  This will be a really great time to show off our 
>cars and our club and hopefully make contact with other Vair lovers 
>in them thar Hills.  This event will be announced locally by the 
>dealerships involved, so we hope to see lots of interested people 
>and other Vair drivers also.
>We plan on having an early breakfast at Hardee's in Chatsworth, Ga., 
>at the intersection of US 411 and US 76.  We'll be leaving there at 
>7:30 am for our 1st 'show' at Ware Chevrolet on GaHwy 515 about 3 
>miles west of Blairsville, Ga.  We should arrive around 9am and 
>we'll be there until about 10:30.  If you can't make the early bird 
>start, just join us at Ware's Chevrolet.
>Our second 'show' will be at Walker Chevrolet in Blue Ridge, Ga., 
>also on GaHwy 515.  We should be there at 11 am and will leave about 12:15pm.
>If you haven't joined us yet, we'll be there over an hour, plenty of 
>room for all.
>Our third 'show' will be in Jasper, Ga., at  Lawson Chevrolet, again 
>on GaHwy 515.  We expect to be there from 1:00 till 3:00 PM.  You 
>can join us there and finish the day with a drive back to Chatsworth.
>  If you want to leave on Friday, Troy has a Lake House in Blue 
> Ridge on the lake.  There's plenty of room if you want to go up and 
> stay overnite.  You can sleep in, have a morning swim,  and still 
> be there for club 'shows'.  Call Troy for arrangements.


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