<VV> A/C for '69 - (Bill Hershkowitz & All)

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Tue Jul 13 16:55:33 EDT 2010

Bill, (and others),
In looking at pg. AC-2 in Clark's Specialty catalog - and 3rd line up from  
the bottom, it says  "you can order the installation manual FOR OUR KITS  
first".  (caps are mine)  One of you guys responded with info that  Clark's 
does not use the original LM Evaporator/Blower Assy. - which I did  not know. 
 Their unit puts the Blower under the dash - not out in the  trunk.  I'm 
pretty sure that there is no CLEAR wording that points that out  in their 
catalog.  There is also nothing in that Installation Manual to  make that clear. 
 I am using a LM evaporator AND trunk-mount blower assy.  along with stock 
dash vents/controls so have to cut the bulkhead hole for the  blower.   
Still, whomever copied the booklet pages must have no  inkling that we out here 
must CLEARLY see detail in all of those pics.  I  spent a considerable 
amount of time trying to figure out if the instructions  were just F____d  up - 
or if it was just my stupidity.  Still, some of  the Templates do not have 
clear & simple words/arrows or some sort of basic  info printed directly on 
them.  I can think of several simple additions on  them that would eliminate 
those confusions.
Very much looking forward to Birth of the Cool  (Miles Davis)......and  
I'll be talking to Mark Corbin tonight.
Joe Dunlap
Stinkin' hot here in Cen. Florida  ( I don't even think about going  into 
my garage until after 9 PM)

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