<VV> '69 A/C Install (Here was the problem)

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Yes, I finally caught that the OEM components booklet is back on the 10th  
pg. of Clark's Specialty catalog A/C section.  But I wouldn't have wasted  
approx. 5 days trying to get answers from V V members with emails flying back 
 & forth, nor your -(Mark Corbin) - cell time (or mine) if a simple 
statement  on the 1st or 2nd pg. of the A/C catalog section   IN BOLD TYPE,   had 
reminded that "pgs. so-and-so thru so-and-so pertain to OUR aftermarket A/C  
kit, and Pg. AC10 & 11 deal with Chevrolet OEM components  installation".
Once again, I very much doubt that I am the first who has  been fooled by 
this oversight.
Joe Dunlap
2 Corvairs (and still watching for a solid/cheap automatic Rampside (for  
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Clark's lists the GM Accessory Installation Instructions on  page 246 for 
the early cars and page 247 for late cars. The a/c instructions  are therein, 
as part #C4976 for earlies and C4980 for lates. They are also  listed in 
the A/C Section of the Specialty catalog on page AC-10, along with  the GM 
template set #C11530. Note that the first nine pages of the A/C Section  are 
for Clark's aftermarket system ONLY!

Anyone needing help on a  FACTORY LM system can email me privately. I will 
be glad to be of any  assistance needed. However, at present I have limited 
email capabilities and  only a cell phone (on which I am charged for minutes 
used, even on incoming  calls) so please respect these temporary 
limitations.  Thanks.


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>After losing about 5 days progress  chasing this issue, and after a long  
>chat with Mark Corbin last  night, we finally realized that the 
>Instructions I  bought from Clark's were for CLARK'S kit - which uses a  
>different  Evaporator/Blower than the original Chevy  components.  I am 
using LM  
>FACTORY Chevy parts except for  the front-mount condenser and a Sanden 
>compressor  with Clark's 4  carb. mount.  That explains why there was not 
one word  
>about  cutting the bulkhead holes (2) for the Blower Assy.   
>In looking at Clarks' Specialty Catalog - A/C section, I  found NO 
> to the fact that IF you are using the OEM  components, you will need the 
> Dealer A/C instruction booklet -  which Clark's sells over in their Main  
>catalog.  I'll wager  that I am not the first to buy this manual thinking 
>included  how to use OEM parts.
>While we all know that w/o Cal & Joan, we  would be up s_ _t  creek, I 
>a bold typed Notice on the  first page of the Specialty/A/C  catalog would 
>make it clear to  dummies like me that They need to buy X-Y-Z - if  they 
>using  Clark's A/C kit and A-B-C if they are using OEM  components.  Does  
>read V V ?
>Jim Houston was kind enough to donate  to me the Chevy Dealer install  
>booklet.  The Clark's  templates I had ordered are the same as what he 
also  sent  
>me.  Thanks, Jim.
>So now, I'll try and locate all  of the little "dimple" drill & cut  
>- and hope I don't  end up with this thing cooling the trunk   
>Joe Dunlap
>Cen.  Florida  (bank sign read 104 here  today)

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